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A Shadow Pandemic: the hidden COVID-19 Crisis

As the world goes into lockdown, we’re all urging each other to “stay home!” But for many of us, those two words incite unimaginable fear and dread. As domestic violence cases are expected to surge in this time, how will an already overstretched and underfunded domestic violence service industry handle it? By Jill Tengco Forced […]

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The Race to safety

By Jill Tengco   Society continues to be divided around the up-and-coming driverless cars. Many of the public have issues with the idea of putting the lives of passengers and pedestrians in the hands of, or lack thereof, Artificial Intelligence. Priscilla Marlow is a 49-year-old Architect residing in Stanhope Gardens and stands firm in her […]

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“We are not just welfare people”: Indigenous entrepreneurship on the rapid rise

By Jill Tengco   When most people hear “Indigenous business” they probably think of services in tourism or art. But recently, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs are thriving in the STEM, mining, culinary and cosmetics sectors, to name a few. It’s all thanks to channelling their Indigenous heritage to change the mindsets of both […]

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Patriot leader wants to keep Australia “beautiful”

Patriot leader wants to keep Australia “beautiful” By Michael Cadelina and Jill Tengco Mitch’s anti-Islamic views emerged a few years ago in the smoker’s area on the second level of a local pub in Newcastle. Him and his then-girlfriend sat having a chat with, what seemed like, a friendly Sudanese immigrant. Not long after, the […]