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Live sheep exports: Necessity or torture?

By Grace Robinson-Tagg   The export of live sheep to the Middle East is a hot topic at the moment, with much controversy surrounding it. Boat loads of sheep are dying on the long journey from heat exhaustion and dehydration and for that reason, the question over whether it should be banned has arisen as […]

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The Anti-Pandas: ugly endangered creatures that deserve a chance.

By Grace Robinson-Tagg With the distinct sounds and smells of animals permeating the air at Taronga zoo, people push to the front to get a close look at the tall, elegant tiger in its luxurious jungle enclosure. Next to it, a native Australian bat family sleeps in a small tree, with just one lone person […]

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Hanging up the hiking boots

Norbu Tenzing: the young man from a famous family, with a mountain of reasons why he won’t be following the path climbed by many before him. By Grace Robinson-Tagg and Callum O’Donnell   Many of us would say that we have big shoes to fill when it comes to the achievements of our predecessors. Some […]