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Rare diseases – they do exist, you know.

Rare Disease Day was on 28th February 2019. It commemorates those living with rare illnesses and disorders. Simran Borges spoke to four patients who described their challenges and experiences. “I was told it was all in my head… everyone said, ‘you’re crazy,” Kathleen Macdonald, a patient suffering from the rare disease, Fabry, said.   Rare […]

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Diamond In The Rough: A local musician proving that success is more than just where you’re from.

By Luke Chaumont & Simran Borges How does a medical school dropout from Blacktown become sponsored by the world’s leading guitar brand? Eric Fortaleza tells Luke and Simran exactly how it happened for him. “When I got that [Fender] bass, immediately I wrote ‘get Fender endorsement,” Eric  Fortaleza says, as he reminisces on his early […]