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Hype or Hope: Students on Cryptocurrency

By Julia Yan Both demand and criticism of cryptocurrency is increasing since 2017, making knowledge and research critical at this stage. Despite the world of cryptocurrency having its ups and downs, three eager university students in Sydney encourage other young people to jump on the crypto craze. 22-year-old Alan Ng, who is currently studying a […]

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Are Australian developers prepared for change?

By Laura Rando   Australian apartment developers are beginning to feel the pressure as banks have limited their lending, and the Government have been questioned on their capability of providing the necessary utilities for the rise in apartments.   Australia’s four major banks: CBA, NAB, ANZ and Westpac, have declared that they are restricting their […]

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Confronting Visions

CONFRONTING VISIONS 1196 words   According to Andres Serrano the depiction of the world is meant to be an uncomfortable sacrament, just don’t call this artist provocateur a photographer, reports STEPHEN HILL     Having depicted everything from morgue bodies, the Klu Klux Klan to a crucifix in urine, veteran visual artist Andre Serrano has […]

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Sharing Stitches for Riches

Gone are the days of designer threads being reserved for the super wealthy or the genetically blessed – Sarah MacDonald and Jackson Eldridge speak with entrepreneur Roxy Lehmann about the rising trend of designer dress hire. By Sarah MacDonald and Jackson Eldridge     When Roxy Lehmann began hiring dresses out of her spare bedroom […]

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Nepalese international students in Australia: an emerging trope

By Serah Lee   It’s something we’ve all heard before. Culturally and linguistically diverse students travelling abroad to continents like Australia and America to pursue an overseas education and broaden their vocational horizons is a common trope we’ve all encountered at some point. To this day, most of our foreign applicants in Australia come from […]

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When it comes to muscle building – science is still working it out

By Nanda Lakhwani, Claudia Chiu and Iain Salvador Meat, not plants, builds muscle — or so the argument goes. Ask your friends what they think of vegan bodybuilders, and it’s likely they will bring up the same questions: where do they get their protein? What do they eat? Are they getting enough protein? The bottom […]

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Despite 3 million deaths, Bangla still isn’t as important as English

How a Sydney community school is reviving a language that is being shunned in its own motherland By: Mansib Ahmad     “Six thousand languages exist in the world today, according to the United Nations. But 43 per cent – almost half of those – are endangered languages,” Matt Thistlethwaite says in Parliament during his […]

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Bangla: The Language On The Brink Of Extinction.

by Paromita Haque Bangla is the only language that people have died for, but now it is dying itself. But one Sydney Language school is making sure that doesn’t happen. On a sleepy Sunday morning, nestled in the suburbs of Western Sydney, a local public school comes alive with the chants of children learning Bangla. […]

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Mothers vs SNOO

By Camille Dionisio z5113432   Heated debate continues on the controversial self-rocking bassinet device, SNOO, between mothers who believe in traditional parenting and those who embrace technological advances.     The SNOO is a “smart crib” that rose to prominence about a year ago, created by paediatrician Dr Harvey Karp, which senses your baby’s crying […]

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Autoimmunity: The Paradox of Disease

DANA PENDRICK   The story of Selena Gomez’s battle with lupus disease has resurfaced in recent news due to her latest appearance in Australia.   Last year, the young American popstar disappeared from the public eye to undergo chemotherapy and a kidney transplant as a result of the disease.   Lupus, like the other 100 […]

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The Activist Trend: should we leave it to the professionals?

Activism is all the rage and social consciousness is the requisite.  In an age that values online activism, indifference is practically fashion suicide. From politically-motivated Instagram snaps and TED Talks, to working with NGOs and visiting refugee camps, online blogger culture has tapped into activism, eager to promote positive change. Fuelled by technology that keeps us […]

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New treatment for hoarding to take a consumer driven approach

Saskia Mabin Psychologists in Sydney are developing new ways to treat hoarding disorder based on a unique, consumer-driven approach. After a 3-year pilot program, senior clinical psychologist and coordinator of Nepean Anxiety Disorders clinic, Denise Milicevic, has set out to create stronger and more well rounded treatment for hoarding disorder. “With lots of these programs […]

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Share bikes: Can Australians be trusted with nice things?

By Sarah Muller With bikes in trees, tossed into rivers, mangled into unrecognisable shapes, and dangled from lampposts, it has been an eventful first year for Sydney’s colourful share bikes. For some Sydneysiders, the “dockless” bikes are a convenient environmentally-friendly transport option. For many others, vandalism, “dumping” of bikes in inconvenient locations and theft has […]

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Lost (Opportunity in) Paradise

Nic Savage “Australia is famous for having impure MDMA… People don’t realise if you take pills wrong, you can die.” In September of last year, the ACT Government approved the inclusion of a free pill-testing trial at the Spilt Milk festival in Canberra. However, three weeks later, the festival organisers pulled out of the trial, […]

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Is Australia prepared for the demand of apartments?

  Over the past 25 years, there has been a 78% increase in apartment living, according to the 2016 Census of population and housing.   This shift has become a choice for many families due to affordability, convenience and lifestyle.   But as this cultural shift occurs, there is a stronger demand for apartments in […]

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BY ANDREW LUCAS “It’s been pretty special”- How one moment made the career and the life of Sydney Kings point guard Kevin Lisch? From the cool depths of Illinois to the heat of outback Perth, Kevin Lisch made more than just a Basketball career down under. He also made a family. Born in Belleville, Illinois, […]

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Consent: when a black & white issue becomes grey

Challenging the shame of #MeToo might just mean changing the dialogue of consent By Sophie Hodge Gender studies student and writer Ilias Balakka says he and his male friends felt ashamed to be male in the wake of the #MeToo movement. “I felt a lot of shame come out of the #MeToo movement. A lot […]

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Helicopter Parents “Land” in Hong Kong

By Chan Wing Tung A three-year-old kid sits in a car seat with his dad holding the steering wheel as the child’s mother proudly films this scenario on the streets of Hong Kong. Another “helicopter mother” threatens to jump from a Kowloon building after her daughter’s application to a Hong Kong university is rejected. A […]

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BOOKSTAGRAM FOR CHANGE: The Political Conversation of Diversity in Books

The internet has become more than sharing relatable content, it has become a means to voice thoughts, opinions and ideas. Lauren Chamberlin and Vanshika Prusty discuss.   Emma Gonzalez, a survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, is one of many who uses social media as a platform to instigate political conversations. On February […]

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The Death of the Crusades

By Josh Needs The name Billy Graham was once synonymous with evangelical Christianity, but with the rise in anti-church sentiment and non-religious households his legacy may forever remain in the realms of nursing homes. Billy Graham, the leader of the crusades which claimed stadium records in Sydney and brought evangelism into the mainstream, and people’s […]

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David Meets Goliath: the Blurring of Intellectual Property Within the Fashion World

As ‘fast fashion’ takes a stronghold as one of the world’s most profitable industries, creativity has subsequently diluted and this has left independent designers feeling that they have been unjustly treated. It has been dubbed the ‘Zara Effect’: retail giants exercising an intense hyper-acceleration of the design process which sees looks emulated from the catwalk […]