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A Shadow Pandemic: the hidden COVID-19 Crisis

As the world goes into lockdown, we’re all urging each other to “stay home!” But for many of us, those two words incite unimaginable fear and dread. As domestic violence cases are expected to surge in this time, how will an already overstretched and underfunded domestic violence service industry handle it? By Jill Tengco Forced […]

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The upper hand in the Upper House

Since 1988, no government has had a majority in the Upper House, meaning that the balance of power rests on minor party and independent members. In the wake of the recent state election, Jelena Zaric investigates the role and purpose in dynamic these representatives play. March’s state election saw the appointment of six minor party […]

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Cultures under threat: why language schools are struggling to survive

Halls once bursting with children are now empty as parents send their children elsewhere for their weekend learning. Language schools have stood their ground for decades in Australia but must now close due to a shortage of students, creating a barrier than extends beyond the confines of tradition and family life. “How do you say […]

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Government’s next call of duty – subsidising the Australian games industry.

Video games are played by 70% of Australians and are worth $3 billion to the economy, so why has the government refused to subsidise the industry? Representatives for the games industry have become fed up with the lack of government support and have pointed to the generous subsidies provided to the film and television industries.  […]

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When life chooses a different path

By Zoe Cox In the moment that dual Olympian runner Eloise Wellings felt her whole world crash down around her, a chance encounter with poverty-stricken Ugandan runner, Julius Achon, taught Eloise that her athletic ability does not define her. A breathless and exhausted Eloise Wellings strides back and forth on a cross-trainer inside the injury […]

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The Real Househusbands of Australia

While the wives and girlfriends of male athletes (or WAGs, as they’re known) were once found splashed across the entertainment pages, there’s a new class rising – the husbands and boyfriends of Australian sportswomen… and they’re here to even the playing field. For the most part, Ben Fenlon is an average 24-year-old guy. He studies […]

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Dissociative Identity Disorder Online– Heroes in Disguise

One body, thirty personalities, sat in front of a camera, with a lot to show. Through the internet, individuals are dismantling misconceptions of Dissociative Identity Disorder whilst educating the community about it. Eyelids drooping, voice softening, body rocking back and forth… If you did not know better, you would have thought this girl is falling […]

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Psychedelic Therapy: The New Answer for Mental Health

More than half a century after the prohibition of LSD and magic mushrooms, scientists around the world are hailing Psychedelic drugs as a new treatment for mental health issues. An increasing number of Australians are seeking out alternative forms of therapy to treat mental health, as the shortcomings of traditional anti-depressant medicines are leaving many […]

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What the Melomys extinction means for Australia’s ecosystem

Australian species are some of the most at risk of climate change extinction by Tanya Pham and Ross Cordato, 18 March 2019 Three winters ago, Australian researchers discovered that the island of Bramble Cay off the coast of Queensland was officially rat free. However, the mosaic-tailed rat did not disappear due to predators or habitat […]

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“Gaysians” in Crisis

By Maria Ekarista & Annabelle Cheung Reading fanfictions about your favourite gay ships, following queer-friendly accounts on Tumblr…  To certain young queers, this is the largest extent to which they can embrace their identity – through an online persona.  Although Australia is more progressive than much of the world in recognising LGBTQI+ rights, that does […]

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International students help prevent Chronic Kidney Disease in Sri Lankan village  

Written by Violetta Katsaris and Sasika Jayasuriya  After decades of suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKDU) in Galwaduwagama, Sri Lanka, a Reverse Osmosis (R.O) plant has been implemented by Impact Engineers to help provide clean water.   “This project is not something that will greatly benefit us [the adults as opposed to the children]. We have already been drinking […]

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“Gaysians” in Crisis

by Annabelle Cheung and Maria Ekarista Reading fanfictions about your favourite gay ships, following queer-friendly accounts on Tumblr…  To certain young queers, this is the largest extent to which they can embrace their identity – through an online persona. Although Australia is more progressive than much of the world in recognising LGBTQI+ rights, that does […]

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Aussie Spirit on the Rise

by David Bloom and Madeleine Burke Intended publication: NewsworthyAussie Spirit on the Rise With home grown ingredients, historical roots and flavours for all pallets, Australian Gin is fast becoming the drink of choice Australia has had a long and colourful history with alcohol, and as our different drinking habits have continually moulded the society around […]

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The Shining Lights of Australian Sport

Cronulla Sharks NRLW players Tayla Preston and Olivia Quinn have been told their passion was never a viable option for success, so they decided to change the narrative In an offseason that has been engulfed in off-field scandals and drama, the National Rugby League has been met with one of its toughest challenges in restoring […]

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Sustainability is the New Black

by Soo Han & Chelsea Young _____________________________________________________________ Meet the millennials that are taking charge of the way we do fashion. Surrounded by paint brushes and thrifted clothes, Samantha Galan’s home studio is lit with dim artificial light.  After a full day of working at a shop, her smile is fatigued as she prepares to start her […]

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Indigenous and proud of it

By embracing and exposing their heritage, indigenous entrepreneurs are progressively reaching new heights in the business sector despite a lack of funding from the Australian government.   In a climate of increasing and widespread acceptance of their past, indigenous Australian entrepreneurs are prospering without sacrificing their cultural traditions.   For entrepreneur Josie Alec, gaining knowledge […]

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Street artists struggle with Sydney’s stingy walls

Members of a leading women’s street art collective talk about the significance of street art to the Sydney community and the issues that continue to stifle young talent. By Iain Salvador With a few flourishes of spray paint, an artist in nondescript blue overalls makes her mark on a black wall in a pub. Once […]

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University Student to CEO: How Millenials are Using Instagram to Build their Businesses

Millenials are proving that the days of gruelling for a business degree are over – all you need is Instagram and the Internet. By: Mansib Ahmad The world in this very moment is rough, but young people are ensuring the future is progressive – so progressive, in fact, that anyone with a smartphone and Internet […]

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The Millennial Dream: Building A Business Through Instagram

by Paromita Haque Thousands of students walk through the halls of our most esteemed universities. As time goes on, they all face different paths, many with the hope of having a full-time job or running their own business. What many of them don’t know is that the potential to start those careers fits snugly in […]

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Street Art in Sydney: Why should we care?

You’ve seen it on your commute to work or to university, hustling out of Redfern Station or walking down King Street.  No matter who you are, street art demands to be noticed.  But why should you care about it? Lotte Alexis Smith, Iresh Stella and Merindah Funnell are deep in the Sydney street art scene. […]

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One person’s trash is everyone’s treasure

SARAH MULLER Picture this: wearing an outfit made from plastic drink bottles, while walking around your house that was partly made from broken glass and old smart phones. While it may seem like a far-fetched scenario, technologies that treat our trash as treasure have gained more support in the wake of Australia’s current ‘recycling crisis’. […]

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Talking Trash: How Rubbish could be your Riches

China’s recent ban on foreign waste imports has thrown Australia into the dumps. But could saving our own rubbish be the key to create an economically sustainable, waste-free future?   DANA PENDRICK   Following China’s ban of foreign waste imports, more than 600,000 tonnes of waste materials, including textiles, plastics and metals, have piled up […]