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Indigenous and proud of it

By embracing and exposing their heritage, indigenous entrepreneurs are progressively reaching new heights in the business sector despite a lack of funding from the Australian government.   In a climate of increasing and widespread acceptance of their past, indigenous Australian entrepreneurs are prospering without sacrificing their cultural traditions.   For entrepreneur Josie Alec, gaining knowledge […]

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Talking Trash: How Rubbish could be your Riches

China’s recent ban on foreign waste imports has thrown Australia into the dumps. But could saving our own rubbish be the key to create an economically sustainable, waste-free future?   DANA PENDRICK   Following China’s ban of foreign waste imports, more than 600,000 tonnes of waste materials, including textiles, plastics and metals, have piled up […]

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Driving an uncertain future

Driving an uncertain future   With the number of driverless cars increasing and causing accidents, society remains opposed and unsure on the future of transport. Tory Magney, 52, Paddington, retired.   “I am pretty scared of them. I think they’re bullshit. Why wouldn’t I be? A driverless car? How absurd. Why would I trust a […]

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“We are not just welfare people”: Indigenous entrepreneurship on the rapid rise

By Jill Tengco   When most people hear “Indigenous business” they probably think of services in tourism or art. But recently, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs are thriving in the STEM, mining, culinary and cosmetics sectors, to name a few. It’s all thanks to channelling their Indigenous heritage to change the mindsets of both […]

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Technology is Overtaking Human Jobs – and You’re Next

by Cassandra Nguyen Almost 40% of current jobs in Australia are at risk of being wiped out by a wave of redundancy in the next 10 to 15 years because of technological advancements, according to a report by The Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA). This means 5 million jobs will be replaced by […]

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Hype or Hope: Students on Cryptocurrency

By Julia Yan Both demand and criticism of cryptocurrency is increasing since 2017, making knowledge and research critical at this stage. Despite the world of cryptocurrency having its ups and downs, three eager university students in Sydney encourage other young people to jump on the crypto craze. 22-year-old Alan Ng, who is currently studying a […]

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Are Australian developers prepared for change?

By Laura Rando   Australian apartment developers are beginning to feel the pressure as banks have limited their lending, and the Government have been questioned on their capability of providing the necessary utilities for the rise in apartments.   Australia’s four major banks: CBA, NAB, ANZ and Westpac, have declared that they are restricting their […]

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Is Australia prepared for the demand of apartments?

  Over the past 25 years, there has been a 78% increase in apartment living, according to the 2016 Census of population and housing.   This shift has become a choice for many families due to affordability, convenience and lifestyle.   But as this cultural shift occurs, there is a stronger demand for apartments in […]

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Hype or Hope: Young People and the Future of Cryptocurrency

Both demand and criticism towards cryptocurrency has been increasing since the beginning of 2017, making knowledge and research critical at this stage. Despite the world of cryptocurrency going through plenty of rollercoasters during the last six months, it has caught the attention of not only investors, government institutions, financial companies but also eager young students […]