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What the Melomys extinction means for Australia’s ecosystem

Australian species are some of the most at risk of climate change extinction by Tanya Pham and Ross Cordato, 18 March 2019 Three winters ago, Australian researchers discovered that the island of Bramble Cay off the coast of Queensland was officially rat free. However, the mosaic-tailed rat did not disappear due to predators or habitat […]

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One person’s trash is everyone’s treasure

SARAH MULLER Picture this: wearing an outfit made from plastic drink bottles, while walking around your house that was partly made from broken glass and old smart phones. While it may seem like a far-fetched scenario, technologies that treat our trash as treasure have gained more support in the wake of Australia’s current ‘recycling crisis’. […]

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Talking Trash: How Rubbish could be your Riches

China’s recent ban on foreign waste imports has thrown Australia into the dumps. But could saving our own rubbish be the key to create an economically sustainable, waste-free future?   DANA PENDRICK   Following China’s ban of foreign waste imports, more than 600,000 tonnes of waste materials, including textiles, plastics and metals, have piled up […]

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The answer to our waste crisis could lie in a pile of rubbish

By Sophie Hodge As Australia’s waste crisis continues, innovators are looking for sustainable waste management solutions and finding answers in bizarre places. Used plastic bottles, broken phones, and worm poo all have one thing in common: they are all seemingly useless waste products. But companies are challenging the idea that waste is invaluable. Businesses across […]

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O-bike or No bike? Public thoughts on bike sharing

SURVEY: What are your opinions on bike sharing?     For the last few months, Sydney streets have been littered with abandoned bikes. This has come as a result of the rising popularity of share bikes, a predominantly free service in which riders lock and unlock bikes via mobile phone application and use them to […]

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‘All’s wool that ends wool’ for the farmers exporting live sheep, but for the animals themselves, it’s far from a ‘ewe-topia’.

The exporting of live sheep is a divisive issue that has many caught between wanting Aussie farmers to make a living, and the ethical treatment of animals. The trade has sent 200 million animals to the Middle East in the past 30 years, and has killed two and a half million of them. In 2009 […]

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Shear cruelty

By Venice Warner The deaths of 2400 sheep during live exports to the Middle East due to shocking conditions including overcrowding and lack of food and water, has divided public opinion over whether live exports should be banned.   Nicole Binet, 50, a model from Balgowlah, said: “The export of live sheep should be banned, […]

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Live sheep exports: Necessity or torture?

By Grace Robinson-Tagg   The export of live sheep to the Middle East is a hot topic at the moment, with much controversy surrounding it. Boat loads of sheep are dying on the long journey from heat exhaustion and dehydration and for that reason, the question over whether it should be banned has arisen as […]

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Your say: share bikes

By Tina Wu Other than ending up in our trees and waterways, are share bikes really all that practical? And just how many people would actually ride one? We asked a few Sydney locals for their thoughts on the matter. Maria Thompson, 52, Kensington “I think they’re a great idea. It gets people exercising. But […]

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Mind the accessibility gap

Mind the accessibility gap The private nature of Australia’s public transport, written by Callum O’Donnell   A frustrated Ben Falkiner paces up and down Sydney’s Como train station talking on his mobile. “This should never have happened!” he says to his mother on the other end, “I can’t believe they forgot”. Ben was supposed to […]

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Ugly Animals: Stepping Back into the Spotlight

12 May 2018 By Helen Huang We all love the cute, cuddly and majestic. Even more so if they’re endangered animals. But what about the not so aesthetically gifted? It seems we’re leaving these poor animals behind, both being under-researched and ignored for conservation efforts. The blobfish became a global sensation in 2013, championing ‘ugly’ […]

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The Anti-Pandas: ugly endangered creatures that deserve a chance.

By Grace Robinson-Tagg With the distinct sounds and smells of animals permeating the air at Taronga zoo, people push to the front to get a close look at the tall, elegant tiger in its luxurious jungle enclosure. Next to it, a native Australian bat family sleeps in a small tree, with just one lone person […]

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Hanging up the hiking boots

Norbu Tenzing: the young man from a famous family, with a mountain of reasons why he won’t be following the path climbed by many before him. By Grace Robinson-Tagg and Callum O’Donnell   Many of us would say that we have big shoes to fill when it comes to the achievements of our predecessors. Some […]

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The Monstera: Creating Monsters in the Houseplant Industry

By Abbey Farlow (z5075317) Word Count: 1074 Made famous by French artist Henri Matisse in the 70’s, the Monstera Deliciosa remains one of the most revered and desired houseplants of the modern era. In contemporary society, the aesthetic appeal of its lush foliage has caught the eye of interior designers and plant lovers alike, resulting […]