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When life chooses a different path

By Zoe Cox In the moment that dual Olympian runner Eloise Wellings felt her whole world crash down around her, a chance encounter with poverty-stricken Ugandan runner, Julius Achon, taught Eloise that her athletic ability does not define her. A breathless and exhausted Eloise Wellings strides back and forth on a cross-trainer inside the injury […]

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The Real Househusbands of Australia

While the wives and girlfriends of male athletes (or WAGs, as they’re known) were once found splashed across the entertainment pages, there’s a new class rising – the husbands and boyfriends of Australian sportswomen… and they’re here to even the playing field. For the most part, Ben Fenlon is an average 24-year-old guy. He studies […]

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The Shining Lights of Australian Sport

Cronulla Sharks NRLW players Tayla Preston and Olivia Quinn have been told their passion was never a viable option for success, so they decided to change the narrative In an offseason that has been engulfed in off-field scandals and drama, the National Rugby League has been met with one of its toughest challenges in restoring […]

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Women still “second fiddle” to men in Australian professional sport.

As the modern world evolves, young girls are encouraged to take any career path they desire. However, professional sport remains reserved for men, where a woman still cannot sustain a sufficient income as a full-time professional athlete in Australia.  By Natalie Akle | May 2018 | UNSW When professional netballer for the NSW Swifts, Maddy […]

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Women’s league; but only by name

Women’s league; but only by name By Madi Howarth The AFLW has no women coaches. In a competition that’s made for women, where are they all? Imagine a maze, you’re at the beginning and the lights are turned off – now find your way. This is how Dr Julia Walsh, from Deakin University, likens the […]

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Women’s rugby league is still on the climb

Article written by Tanisha Stanton Until Jasmin Allende turned 12 her dad lived what he thought was a father’s dream, watching his eldest daughter stick it to the boys in a weekend rugby league competition before he himself would take the field, then when Jasmin approached teenage hood she was stopped from playing. “Her brother […]

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Who says you need meat to be strong?

By Nanda Lakhwani, Iain Salvador, and Claudia Chiu For years, meat has been regarded the be-all-end-all for bodybuilders, but what if a plant-based diet proved equally effective for building muscle?  Stanislav, personal trainer based in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. (Image supplied)   Most mornings, Russian-born personal trainer Stanislav Veniaminov wakes up at 5:30am and heads to […]

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Hanging up the hiking boots

Norbu Tenzing: the young man from a famous family, with a mountain of reasons why he won’t be following the path climbed by many before him. By Grace Robinson-Tagg and Callum O’Donnell   Many of us would say that we have big shoes to fill when it comes to the achievements of our predecessors. Some […]

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Making Her Mark: The Life of an Aussie, Arab Advocate

Abby Butler and Paddy Jow It’s almost easy to miss Amna Karra-Hassan as she walks down a Strathfield shopping strip. Dressed in jeans and thongs, her hair wrapped in a beige hijab, it isn’t until the self-described “Aussie Arab Muslim” begins to speak that you realise why she has been named as one of Western […]

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Ellie’s Short Row to Success

Phoebe Anderson z5116842 and Olivia Seller z5115661   Ellie’s Short Row to Success When you first meet Ellie Larnach, you may think she’s your typical twenty-year-old student; hitting the books and going out with her friends. Although partly true, Ellie is a determined athlete who has achieved a successful breakthrough in surfboat rowing, pushing her […]

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BY ANDREW LUCAS “It’s been pretty special”- How one moment made the career and the life of Sydney Kings point guard Kevin Lisch? From the cool depths of Illinois to the heat of outback Perth, Kevin Lisch made more than just a Basketball career down under. He also made a family. Born in Belleville, Illinois, […]

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Injury: The silent killer of Australian youth athletes

By Adamo De Nigris Mosese Fotuaika (Left) took his life in 2013 after tearing a pectoral muscle. Hayden Butler (Right) took his life in 2015, after injuring his ankle. Both athletes were 20 years old. Photos taken by Getty Images. For many Australian youths, the dream of playing professional sport is one they have cherished […]