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Get into Gear: What Sydneysiders Really Think About Bike Share Servic

Sarah MacDonald   Bike share services have been the topic of debate lately following a string of incidents where bikes were left damaged or unreturned around Sydney. We took to the streets to find out whether Sydneysiders still support the initiative after the misuse of the services. “It’s a good idea in theory, but people […]

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Driving Blind

While the big technology corporations continue to explore driverless vehicles, there was much greater apprehension from a number of Sydney’s drivers. Griff O’Keefe (53) of South Coogee told us he would prefer to further research and development before the vehicles are put onto our streets.   “I don’t think enough technology has been expanded into […]

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Are Driverless Cars making us Less Social

Driverless cars are programmed to reduce human errors, with a special technology to monitor the car’s surroundings, guide the car and detect hazards. Street interviews show a divided public opinion,  most people believw driverless cars are created to follow road rules, hence it would significantly reduce fatal crashes through minimising human error. Others believed that […]

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Women reclaim their bodies, 150 metres at a time

The importance of freedom of speech has been a key message of anti-abortion campaigners, however, Camperdown lawyer Kirsty Gan notes it’s important to consider the differences in Australia’s laws compared to America.   “I think it’s important to recall that Australia doesn’t have a US-style positive right to say whatever you like. Rather, the constitutional […]

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Road to a Driverless Reality

Safety has always been a concern for drivers past and present, but it seems the future may be driverless. We asked the people of Sydney who is safer in the streets: a person or a self-driving machine?   Adam Chor, 25, cost planner, West Pennant Hills: “Driverless cars take more rational decisions as it’s not […]

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Humans vs Driverless cars: which one is safer?

By: Rizna Mutmainah It’s 2018 and although flying cars still don’t exist, new technology in the form of driverless cars is slowly emerging. Car manufacturers like Volvo, Tesla and BMW and other companies are already working on driverless cars. With a possible future where driverless cars may dominate our roads, locals express their opinions on whether […]

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Driverless cars: an uncertain future

The implementation of driverless cars is fast approaching modern society, yet this reality is a daunting concept for many.   There is great concern that the responsibility of vehicle safety should not be left to a computer.   Name: Corey Ross Age: 21 years old Suburb: North Curl Curl, NSW Occupation: Engineer Apprentice “I think […]

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Who’s taking the wheel?: Yay or nay for driverless cars

The question used to be ‘how much you might trust someone with your life?’, now, the questions is how much you trust a car that drives for you! Also known as driverless cars, or, autonomous cars, these vehicles are now able to use cutting-edge technology to function just like you behind the wheel. Here’s what […]

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BY CLARE M Buying coffee is a daily tradition for a lot of people, but rising living costs are leading many to question whether it’s money well spent. Some are saving by making their own at home, while others think the caffeine hit is worth every cent they pay. Evan Williams, a 19-year old retail […]

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Road to a Driverless Reality

Safety has always been a concern for drivers past and present, but it seems the future is driverless. We asked the people of Sydney who is safer in the streets: a person or a self-driving machine?   Adam Chor, 25, cost planner, West Pennant Hills: “Driverless cars take more rational decisions as it’s not influenced […]

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Driverless Cars: Will They Make A Positive Change?

Driverless cars are the new pieces of technology set to impress the world with their abilities. With reliable computer-automated responses to situations on the road, driverless cars aim to eradicate car accidents completely. However, how do ordinary drivers feel about the changes these new technologies will definitely make? Kevin Chen, aged 16, Campsie “[In driverless […]

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The Curious Case of Kanye West

A big talking point recently has been public figures; to what extent do their political affiliations, and controversial claims, really shape public thought? At the centre of this most recently has been rapper Kanye West, and his public support of President Donald Trump. It has been polarising and shocking, and much debated. However, in order […]

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Are you ready to let go of the wheel?

With the increasing number of driverless cars both entering the market and causing unmanned accidents, society remains conflicted on the future of the motor vehicle transport. Ben, 19-year-old Green Keeper from Parramatta: (They’re) “pretty dangerous I reckon, cause there’s no one in there haha.” Steven, 62-year-old Technical Officer at UNSW (Former Uber Driver) from Bondi:          […]

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Dressed Up! The Freedom of Youth

To access video, please follow this link: When prompted, please use the following password: MDIA20035019449   The recent wave of criticism aimed at education boards around the world is hitting home, with  uniform policies coming under fire for being strict and obsolete.   In a world where individualism is increasingly endorsed, the restrictive choice of […]

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To keep or not to keep: The case of school uniforms

Three strikes and you’re in detention. A former private school student recalls her experiences of going to a private school with strict uniform rules, adding to the issue of whether or not school uniforms should be compulsory. By: Rizna Mutmainah Polos, pants, dresses, skirts, and blazers these are the common features of school uniforms in […]

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Redress Scheme to come into effect following Report on child abuse

By Demi Ball When the Royal Commission released its final report into institutionalised child sexual abuse, over 8000 victims came forward to share their stories. And now, a new National Redress Scheme will be introduced to make sure their experiences are never repeated. Faye* was in her early teens when she was sexually abused by […]

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The biggest trend of all: Let’s look at the trend of trends

Talking about shapes like of feathers, lightning, waves, bows and even stiletto heels, these things seem more like what a child wants to find in their sticker book rather than what someone wants to put on their face. However, this is exactly what is happening these days. Just to name a few of the more […]

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Interfaith Relationships in Australia: Faith versus Family

It’s hard enough for couples of different faiths to overcome their differences. Throw in the mother-in-law, and the real trouble begins. A loyal husband? Or a deceptive son? He’s a good Jewish boy-and single-in the eyes of his mother…but a loyal husband in the eyes of his Muslim wife. Deceiving his Jewish parents is the […]

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The True Crime Effect: Why is it capturing young women’s minds all over the globe?

By Kyle Hughes True crime is captivating young women’s minds with its ability to focus on the details of real people and the actions that affected them. However, one question lays on the forefront of many minds, why is true crime so popular with young women? Co-owner of the Australian True Crime podcast, Emily Webb, […]

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Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Survivors are now heard and recognised for the abuse they went through as a vulnerable child, and are able to seek comfort from the other survivors’ stories. By Kirsta Cheung Children were taken to Sunday morning church services by devoted religious parents who’d entrust priests to care for them, during the 1950s. Father John Perez […]

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When Love Doesn’t Happen By The Book: Interfaith Relationships On The Rise in Australia

Growing numbers of Australians are finding love across the religious divide, but not everyone is happy about it. Sarah MacDonald investigates how attitudes towards interfaith relationships are changing in Australia. When Lyz Menounos met Adam three years ago, she was smitten. Their relationship quickly developed into something serious, but there was just one problem: Lyz […]

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Finsta: The new era of cyberbullying

While many Australian schools are trying to combat cyberbullying through firewalls, a new online playground for bullies has emerged from the restrictions, fake Instagram accounts. By Kate Quinn – Z5114887 After the shock suicide of 14-year-old Northern Territories girl Dolly Everett, schools across Australia have started to implement stricter social media rules during the school […]

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By Clare M The monetisation of YouTube and Instagram has facilitated the rise of a new entertainment industry largely driven by trends. Is this growing obsession with what’s trending generating a toxic environment for a younger generation to engage with, or is the social media industry more positive in practice than its negative reputation? Childish […]