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University societies around Australia are dedicated to debating in national and international tournaments but these societies have acknowledged a problem with diversity in their community. For most people, debating is a high school extra-curricular activity. In reality, it’s an elite sport in universities all over Australia that takes students as far as Cape Town for […]

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Games Over: Failing Facilities an Obstacle to Community Sport Despite the Liberal Party claiming that the refurbishment of Allianz Stadium is a ‘gamechanger’ for sport in Sydney, local sporting associations feel as if the government has ‘dropped the ball’ for local talent, with their outdated facilities. Shadow Minister for Sport and Veteran Affairs The Hon. […]

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The Big Red Sign

The Big Red Sign By Olivia Taibel and Anja Flamer-Caldera It is no secret that homelessness in Sydney’s CBD is an ongoing issue, fuelled by substance abuse, domestic violence and high cost of living, and it has restructured the city’s demographic. The thing with homelessness however, is that we often don’t hear about the vital […]

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Your say: Is your privacy too much to pay for national security?

The Turnbull Government’s has unveiled its plans to roll out new legislation, along with a $294 million package to boost security at Australia’s airports. New police powers will allow officers to ask any traveller for proof of identity. Under current laws, police can only ask for proof of identity if they suspect a person has […]

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Sydney Has Their Say on Bike Sharing

Jackson Eldridge: “I believe that bike sharing is good in reality but people are not using them correctly. The idea is good but it doesn’t work here in Sydney because young people are disrespecting the bikes and damaging property. I think the solution for this would be create a bike station where they are all […]

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Degrading culture or creating culture? Cultural change and street art

Sydney’s streetscape has become a platform to raise both societal and political issues. Street art’s changing public perceptions are challenging the idea of whether is degrades the reputation of communities or whether it has created a culture within communities. Street art has been around for years, and issues around street art have been prevalent around […]

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Jobs that come with trauma

Vicarious Trauma is described as the transformation in a therapist or other worker, as a result of working with clients’ traumatic experiences.   With occupations in fields of social work, medical services, law enforcement and victim services, vicarious trauma is common.   Here’s what University Students, both law and non-law, had to say about this […]

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Red Carpet or Seeing Red? We asked Sydney’s youth for their opinion on the Catholic-inspired Met Gala

By Reena Mukherjee   Mirielle Tamer, 19 (Maronite Catholic) said: “The use of Catholic icons was quite offensive, especially from the view of a Catholic. It crossed the line of reverence. However, it is something I expect would come out of Hollywood, due to the reputation Hollywood has to present very over-sexualised fashion.”     […]

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‘All’s wool that ends wool’ for the farmers exporting live sheep, but for the animals themselves, it’s far from a ‘ewe-topia’.

The exporting of live sheep is a divisive issue that has many caught between wanting Aussie farmers to make a living, and the ethical treatment of animals. The trade has sent 200 million animals to the Middle East in the past 30 years, and has killed two and a half million of them. In 2009 […]

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Immigration: Your Say on 40 Million

With government reports estimating Australia’s population will rise to 40 million by 2050, almost twice the current population, opinions on immigration are at a soaring high. It’s time to ask: What do Australians really think about our ‘boundless space to share?’ “I mean, it’s hard to talk about these things today. But I think the […]

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Driverless Cars take the Wheel

Phoebe Anderson z5116842 Has our obsession with progression taken a step to far? Driverless cars are the newest example of technology taking over, where everyday actions are replaced with the power of technology. No longer does man need to sit in the driver’s seat, science is taking the wheel. So far there have been mixed […]

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Shear cruelty

By Venice Warner The deaths of 2400 sheep during live exports to the Middle East due to shocking conditions including overcrowding and lack of food and water, has divided public opinion over whether live exports should be banned.   Nicole Binet, 50, a model from Balgowlah, said: “The export of live sheep should be banned, […]

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Live sheep exports: Necessity or torture?

By Grace Robinson-Tagg   The export of live sheep to the Middle East is a hot topic at the moment, with much controversy surrounding it. Boat loads of sheep are dying on the long journey from heat exhaustion and dehydration and for that reason, the question over whether it should be banned has arisen as […]

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Your say: share bikes

By Tina Wu Other than ending up in our trees and waterways, are share bikes really all that practical? And just how many people would actually ride one? We asked a few Sydney locals for their thoughts on the matter. Maria Thompson, 52, Kensington “I think they’re a great idea. It gets people exercising. But […]

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Public Transport Off Track

By Katelyn Wood   For many Australians, the daily commute on public transport is a simple and even mundane component of their daily routine. However, for the one in five Australians living with a disability, accessing public transport can be, at times, an impossible task.   For the majority of train users, there are two […]

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The New 2018 Federal Budget

Just last week the Australian Government introduced the new Federal budget. Thenew low-cost reverse mortgage scheme reduces the difficulty of income retirement for property owners. We interviewed some of the community around the University of New South Wales to see what they had to say about the new Federal budget. “Sadly, I’ve been so busy […]

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Mind the accessibility gap

Mind the accessibility gap The private nature of Australia’s public transport, written by Callum O’Donnell   A frustrated Ben Falkiner paces up and down Sydney’s Como train station talking on his mobile. “This should never have happened!” he says to his mother on the other end, “I can’t believe they forgot”. Ben was supposed to […]

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Ugly Animals: Stepping Back into the Spotlight

12 May 2018 By Helen Huang We all love the cute, cuddly and majestic. Even more so if they’re endangered animals. But what about the not so aesthetically gifted? It seems we’re leaving these poor animals behind, both being under-researched and ignored for conservation efforts. The blobfish became a global sensation in 2013, championing ‘ugly’ […]

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The forgotten victims of Islamophobia: Devout Muslim Men

Video.mp4 Muslim men who have been discriminated for wearing their religious clothes, are being overlooked with the focus being on female victims. With the political climate being gripped by Islamophobia, many in the media have focused on how Muslim women have been discriminated for wearing their religious clothing such the niqab (a garment of clothing […]

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Bombs, Beards and the Salwar Kameez: Exploding the Silence on Islamic Men and Religious Dress

By Reena Mukherjee During Eid festivals next month, Islamic Australians from across NSW will attend celebrations in their religious attire, with a growing number of calls from lobby groups for greater acceptance of women donning the burqa or hijab. But what about the men? Here are the stories of the kameez-wearing males who have become […]

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Islamophobia: “It’s time to look at Muslim men as well.”

While media coverage on Islamophobia has been extensive, this hasn’t always meant equality for all. The one-sided coverage represents Muslim women: the hijab, the burqa and the niqab. For many Muslim men, their outwardly visible faith and common backlash often go unnoticed, leaving half a religion left behind in the debate.   By: Nazla Sajed […]

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The sound of silence

By Venice Warner Live music once thrived in Australia, but there are now few live music venues left. They are constantly closing due to real estate values, lockout laws, and changing audience tastes. Venue closures make it hard for musicians to get their songs out to audiences, resulting in them distributing music online or even […]

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LESS IS MORE IN 2018: How today’s fashion enthusiasts are reducing their ethical footprint in style

“Buy less, choose well,” is what esteemed designer Vivienne Westwood once said. It seems that today, in a tenuous ethical and environmental fashion climate, and bolstered by a social media culture where any trend can blow up in minutes, people are taking her words to heart. The capsule wardrobe, first coined in the 1970’s and […]