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Street artists struggle with Sydney’s stingy walls

Members of a leading women’s street art collective talk about the significance of street art to the Sydney community and the issues that continue to stifle young talent. By Iain Salvador With a few flourishes of spray paint, an artist in nondescript blue overalls makes her mark on a black wall in a pub. Once […]

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University Student to CEO: How Millenials are Using Instagram to Build their Businesses

Millenials are proving that the days of gruelling for a business degree are over – all you need is Instagram and the Internet. By: Mansib Ahmad The world in this very moment is rough, but young people are ensuring the future is progressive – so progressive, in fact, that anyone with a smartphone and Internet […]

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The Millennial Dream: Building A Business Through Instagram

by Paromita Haque Thousands of students walk through the halls of our most esteemed universities. As time goes on, they all face different paths, many with the hope of having a full-time job or running their own business. What many of them don’t know is that the potential to start those careers fits snugly in […]

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Street Art in Sydney: Why should we care?

You’ve seen it on your commute to work or to university, hustling out of Redfern Station or walking down King Street.  No matter who you are, street art demands to be noticed.  But why should you care about it? Lotte Alexis Smith, Iresh Stella and Merindah Funnell are deep in the Sydney street art scene. […]

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One person’s trash is everyone’s treasure

SARAH MULLER Picture this: wearing an outfit made from plastic drink bottles, while walking around your house that was partly made from broken glass and old smart phones. While it may seem like a far-fetched scenario, technologies that treat our trash as treasure have gained more support in the wake of Australia’s current ‘recycling crisis’. […]

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Talking Trash: How Rubbish could be your Riches

China’s recent ban on foreign waste imports has thrown Australia into the dumps. But could saving our own rubbish be the key to create an economically sustainable, waste-free future?   DANA PENDRICK   Following China’s ban of foreign waste imports, more than 600,000 tonnes of waste materials, including textiles, plastics and metals, have piled up […]

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Cultural anxieties: Children want to learn their mother language, while parents continue to prioritise English

How a Sydney community school is reviving a language that is being shunned in its own motherland, and in the homes of the students themselves.   By: Mansib Ahmad Can a language really be preserved by learning it for just three hours a week? You may say “yes, of course it can”. But what if […]

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Euthanasia products: A step too far?

By Camille Dionisio   In the midst of Australia’s changing legislation on Euthanasia, developments of self-euthanising products continue to spark debate.   With Victoria’s passing of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Scheme in legislation and the NSW government’s refusal to support or follow their lead, it refuelled Australia’s controversy around Euthanasia and products that undermine this […]

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Over the last decade the New South Wales prison population has surged by 35%, prisoners on remand have doubled. Is the increase in the number of people with disabilities in prisons a sign the current policies for dealing with disadvantage are wrong? STEPHEN HILL reports.   The lack of adequate disability support services is driving […]

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Invisible Designs: Are Railways Deaf Friendly?

An investigation into the use of hearing augmentation systems in NSW Trains sheds light on the transport industry.  By Claudia Chiu and Odilia Chan You always saw this sign on the newer trains while commuting, but have you ever wondered what it meant? This sign is used to indicate that an audio frequency induction loop […]

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Fashion Faux Paw

Here I am on the new @plush_think_sofas ad! How cute are my big buddies, @strykerdane?! #miniaturedachshund and #greatdane #dachshundsofinstagram #danesofinstagram #greatdanesofinstagram #greatdanesunleashed #unlikelyfriends #unlikelyanimalfriends A post shared by Frankie Sunny (@frankiethelilsausage) on Aug 30, 2017 at 3:59am PDT (Frankie in a television commercial for Plush Sofas. Credit to @frankiethelilsausage)   By Dylan Vidal From walking […]

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Criminalising Disability

People with disabilities, particularly cognitive or psychosocial disability, represent 18% of Australia’s overall population but account for half of the total prison population. Inside prison, this group are at serious risk of abuse. Supporting diversion of people with disability away from the criminal justice system and into community support will break the cycle, researchers say. […]

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Would You Like My Pawtograph?

By Julia Yan With the pet industry in Australia worth an estimated 12.5 billion dollars a year, talent agencies connecting Australian pet influencers with brands have become the latest trend.   Power Pets is one talent agency that caters exclusively to ‘celebrity’ pets on social media such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Launched in late […]

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Northern Territory’s Performing Triplets

Video can be viewed here: Meet Beccy, Rachel and Jessie Robins. These 23-year old identical triplets recently moved from Katherine (Nothern Territory) to Sydney, to pursue careers in the performing arts. Though facing immense pressure in a competitive industry, they constantly encourage one another to press on. Nanda Lakhwani explores their journey.

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Fake It ‘Till You Make It: The Consumer Paradox within the Booming Replica Luxury Marketplace

It accounts for $450 billion AUD global industry, yet the freedom for budget-conscious millennials to score the latest designer ‘it’ piece does not evoke thoughts of an insidious market underbelly; one deeply embroiled in organized crime, money laundering and the exploitation of human rights. Welcome to the underworld of replica luxury products, where the demand […]

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D.I.Y Dying: Assisted Death for the living

Do-it-yourself euthanasia kits are being sold legally in Australia under the disguise of home brewing devices. By Abbey Farlow Max Dog Brewing is not what it looks like. It’s website is donned with pictures of friends enjoying beer together. The unknowing eye would mistake the site for an independent brewing company selling kits for the […]

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Veganism is the key to become strong

The strongest animals in the world are plant-eater. Bison, Elephant, Hippopot and me!  By Nanda Lakhwani, Iain Salvador, and Claudia Chiu Stanislav, personal trainer based in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. (Image supplied) Most mornings, Russian-born personal trainer Stanislav Veniaminov wakes up at 5:30am and heads to Bondi beach where he trains most of his clients. After […]

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Instagram Therapy: Sweet Taste of Mental Health

Glance at the Instagram feed of My Little Panda Kitchen and it looks like any other stream of elaborately decorated bespoke cakes.  What you won’t expect are the candid discussions about managing a mental disorder that emerge in the captions and comments. “Mental health, both struggles and wellness, is a huge part of who I […]

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Who says you need meat to be strong?

By Nanda Lakhwani, Iain Salvador, and Claudia Chiu For years, meat has been regarded the be-all-end-all for bodybuilders, but what if a plant-based diet proved equally effective for building muscle?  Stanislav, personal trainer based in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. (Image supplied)   Most mornings, Russian-born personal trainer Stanislav Veniaminov wakes up at 5:30am and heads to […]

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Independent Designers Fight The Goliath’s of The Fashion World

  By Jay Rickards As ‘fast fashion’ takes a stronghold as one of the world’s most profitable industries independent designers have been left feeling unjustly ripped off by retail giants stealing their designs. “Over the past year, Zara has been copying my artwork,” wrote independent designer Tuesday Bassen on Instagram in 2016. “I had my […]

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Saving a language from extinction

60 years ago, the Bengali Language Movement reached a bloody end with the independence of a new nation, Bangladesh – along with the recognition of its ancient language, Bangla. But in this globalized era, the Bangla language is increasingly becoming forgotten by its own people. One Sydney school is doing its best to keep the language […]

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The Life of Princess and Prince -SUBEDIT

From listening to Mozart in the womb to producing little polyglots – these Hong Kong parents will go to any length to mould the perfect prince or princess. Overbearing parents controlling their “prince” and “princess” behaviour in the city seems to be stamped in Hong Kong’s DNA. Tiger parents have adopted the phrase, “win at […]