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Middle Ground: Tales of LGBTQ Christianity

by Isobel Knight ———————————————————————————————————————– PRESENTING THIS PIECE: This feature has intentionally been written with the visual experience of the reader in mind. The subheadings featured, in the ideal setting to experience this feature, would all contain self-contained segments that could be read in any order. The intention would be for the reader to click on […]

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Can LGBTQ Christians find a sense of belonging at church?

By Claire Thompson “I’m always going to be an anomaly and a bit odd. The strangest part is we are odd in both circles. We are odd in church circles and we are odd in queer circles. So we are kind of a friend of both but a friend of neither,” Joel Hollier, a same-sex […]

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In the Shadows No More: Indigenous hip hop slipping into the mainstream

In the Shadows No More: Indigenous hip hop slipping into the mainstream   Words by Oliver Kuskie   With back to back songs in the top 20 of the 2016 and 2017 Triple J Hottest 100 Countdown, Indigenous hip hop is trickling into the mainstream in ways it has never done before.   As an […]

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“We Can No Longer Ignore the Reality of What is Present Within the Australian Hip Hop Scene”

By Cindy Yu “I went from having a really good year in 2014, started to make a small kind of gain to winning awards and initiatives, which then exposed me to what can only be described as online harassment within a 48-hour period of winning that award.” Sarah Connor, an Australian hip hop artist, was […]

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There’s 7.6 billion people in the world, and they’re all racist.

By: Natalie Di Paola In 2007-2010, Indians were attacked while living here, straining the relations between Australia and India and deterring International Students. Ten years later, are Indian students still afraid to come to Australia? “I did hear about it [the racial attacks], but I wasn’t afraid. I think racism is everywhere and I have […]

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Settling in: The Refugee Experience

A young Syrian refugee with a love for poetry, and an Australian who established a co-op to help refugees settle in to Sydney. These are their stories.  By Janelle Taouk Part I: A Syrian Refugee’s Perspective  Around seven years ago, Sarina Mouzenian believed that she was going to die. Sitting in a Café in Aleppo […]

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There’s No Place Like (War-Torn) Home

Faced with the threat of imminent death or sanctuary in an unknown land, refugees are following the yellow brick road to their Emerald City. By Jakob Andreasen The sounds of bullets ricocheting off cars. The shattering of glass, as it meets the pavement. Agonising screams of young women, elderly men and frightened children. Watching a […]

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Sydney Hip-Hop Receives a Bad Rap

As the hip-hop sub-culture continues to fade in Sydney, it’s the female rappers and singers that suffer the consequences. Nic Savage “The only reason she gets played on Triple J is because she fucked for plays.” “She must have sucked off the judge. Atrocity.” These are comments Sarah Connor received within 48 hours of winning […]

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Indigenous hip hop: the movement that is just getting started

by Adamo De Nigris Artist Lady Lash is a prominent member of the indigenous hip hop community. Photo taken by Karina Marlow. Crystal Clyne Mastosavvas, known by her stage name Lady Lash, comes from Ceduna, on the west coast of South Australia. Male rapper ‘Ziggy Ramo’, also comes from a rural community, outside Perth in […]

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K-Pop: The beginning of a new era?

Showing no signs of stopping, K-pop seems set on dominating mainstream media. But what exactly is the appeal behind it?  “I buy their albums; I stream their music… I retweet the stuff they post… I always find myself on Twitter, refreshing and scrolling, seeing if anything’s been updated.” Though this may seem tedious for some, […]

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Korean Pop’s unique entertainment has gained coverage in the Western entertainment industry through the exposure of social media and K-Pop’s strong communities and fandoms that have banded together to place Korean Pop in its worldwide element.   “Having a really strong fandom…[that are so] powerful online…can connect [this] power [and help correlate K-Pop artists into […]

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International Students’ Struggle with Racial Discrimination

Cindy Yu Abuse remains a common occurrence for international students in Sydney-based universities, some fearing for their safety and wellbeing. Jessie Liu, a Chinese International student, is walking on campus to her next economics class. As she stops to check where her class is, she suddenly feels a gush of water being poured onto her […]

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Internet: it can tear your life apart

by Oliver Kuskie Video game’s have become an addictive hobby. Photo by Oliver Kuskie. Drunk, freezing and sleeping in the back of a car without a cent to his name, just a $4000 computer system. This was a turning point for Tone Loke, who lost everything through gaming addiction.   The World Health Organisation (WHO) […]

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Films New path to Diversity

By Chrissy Chon With an ever-growing support for diverse characters within films, the film industry is given the opportunity to explore stories of people of colour. “Opportunities in Australia were so scarce, it was almost like I was starving. But after being sent to America, it was like somebody had sent me to a buffet.” […]

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Publishing and Prejudice – Subedited

By Natalie Di Paola   When it comes to women having their novels edited, published and then circulated in the market, it is often thought that they receive the raw end of the deal. But is this all changing in the “age of feminism”? Penguin Random House, Sydney. Photographer: Natalie Di Paola   “For me […]

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Chinese University Students’ Struggle with Racial Discrimination

Chinese University Students’ Struggle with Racial Discrimination By Cindy Yu   Jessie Liu, a Chinese International student, is walking on campus to her next economics class. As she stops to check where her class is, she suddenly feels a gush of water being poured onto her head. Surprised, she searches around to see where it […]

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Death of the Crusades – SUBEDIT

By: Josh Needs The name Billy Graham was once synonymous with evangelical Christianity. But, with the rise in anti-church sentiment and non-religious households, his legacy may forever remain in the realms of nursing homes. Billy Graham, the leader of the “Crusades”, which claimed stadium records in Sydney and brought evangelism into the mainstream and people’s […]

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Are Australian developers prepared for change?

By Laura Rando   Australian apartment developers are beginning to feel the pressure as banks have limited their lending, and the Government have been questioned on their capability of providing the necessary utilities for the rise in apartments.   Australia’s four major banks: CBA, NAB, ANZ and Westpac, have declared that they are restricting their […]

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Two Sides Of The Same Coin

From politically-motivated Instagram snaps and TED Talks to working with NGOs and visiting refugee camps, online blogger culture has tapped into activism. A week after walking the red carpet with Cate Blanchett at the Dubai Film Festival, Lebanese-Australian model, Jessica Kahawaty, was sweating in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. On an official UNHCR emergency mission visiting some […]

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Bookstagram: A Platform encouraging Diversity

Bookstagram is igniting political conversations about the need for greater representation in books, one page at a time.  By Jakob Andreasen Vanshika Prusty is a voice amongst the crowd. “Avid readers are strange, and quite particular, in the sense that we are all unique in our reading taste. Yet, we come together for one thing: […]

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The Activist Trend: should we leave it to the professionals?

Activism is all the rage and social consciousness is the requisite.  In an age that values online activism, indifference is practically fashion suicide. From politically-motivated Instagram snaps and TED Talks, to working with NGOs and visiting refugee camps, online blogger culture has tapped into activism, eager to promote positive change. Fuelled by technology that keeps us […]

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Lost (Opportunity in) Paradise

Nic Savage “Australia is famous for having impure MDMA… People don’t realise if you take pills wrong, you can die.” In September of last year, the ACT Government approved the inclusion of a free pill-testing trial at the Spilt Milk festival in Canberra. However, three weeks later, the festival organisers pulled out of the trial, […]