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Indigenous and proud of it

By embracing and exposing their heritage, indigenous entrepreneurs are progressively reaching new heights in the business sector despite a lack of funding from the Australian government.   In a climate of increasing and widespread acceptance of their past, indigenous Australian entrepreneurs are prospering without sacrificing their cultural traditions.   For entrepreneur Josie Alec, gaining knowledge […]

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Why the Royal Commission into financial institutions happened according to everyday Australians

The Royal Commission into financial institutions has caused a frenzy amongst the Australian public. The news of the possible corruption of the big banks and financial institutions has created a worry amongst ordinary Australians. Many of these people have expressed their genuine concern in regards to why the situation reached the level of severity of […]

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O-bike or No bike? Public thoughts on bike sharing

SURVEY: What are your opinions on bike sharing?     For the last few months, Sydney streets have been littered with abandoned bikes. This has come as a result of the rising popularity of share bikes, a predominantly free service in which riders lock and unlock bikes via mobile phone application and use them to […]

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Bike Sharing in Sydney: “It’s just a kind of way wasting resources!”

When we look around the city, there is always a sharing bike in our sight. In these few years, more and more sharing bikes companies started operating their business in Sydney. It is not hard to borrow one around the corner. But seriously, who have tried this service before? Is it really necessary to have […]

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Driverless cars: an uncertain future

The implementation of driverless cars is fast approaching modern society, yet this reality is a daunting concept for many.   There is great concern that the responsibility of vehicle safety should not be left to a computer.   Name: Corey Ross Age: 21 years old Suburb: North Curl Curl, NSW Occupation: Engineer Apprentice “I think […]

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Driverless cars: thoughts?

Tanisha Stanton and Madi Howarth It’s now a reality to control your home with your voice and turn off lights and other electronics when you’re not even home. With that in mind, driverless may not be too far-fetched. In fact, three of the top car manufacturers; Tesla, Volvo and BMW are already working on driverless […]

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“A big graveyard of bicycles”: bike sharing in Sydney

Bike sharing in Sydney is a controversial phenomenon, with some vocal residents calling for a total ban on share bikes. Critics argue that they are an eyesore and plague busy areas with dumped bicycles. “I neither use ride sharing nor do I mind its presence in our city,” says Jonathan Moallem, a 20-year-old Computer Science […]

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Driverless Cars – for the Better or the Worse?

Driverless cars are becoming one of the most disruptive examples of the coming waves of technological automation in everyday life. Mixed views are roaming about as more driverless cars are being built, but one thing that most people have come to accept is that driverless cars are set to become the norm with most cars […]

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The Race to safety

By Jill Tengco   Society continues to be divided around the up-and-coming driverless cars. Many of the public have issues with the idea of putting the lives of passengers and pedestrians in the hands of, or lack thereof, Artificial Intelligence. Priscilla Marlow is a 49-year-old Architect residing in Stanhope Gardens and stands firm in her […]

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Who actually thinks about think tanks?

Word Cloud of Australian Think Tanks     Australia’s political systems are constantly changing and growing in the new media age with many people providing their own opinions online. So, are think tanks still important in Australian policy making and political thinking?   Think tanks are private institutions that build a bridge between academic thinking […]

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Boys vs. Feminism

By Claudia Byatt “Obviously, we can’t talk about feminism without talking about equality of opportunity and representation.” Sydney Boys High School Equality Prefect, Lincoln Hiu, 17, is one of the young men out to tackle issues surrounding feminism and the importance of fairness between genders. In light of International Women’s Day, Sydney Boys High School […]

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A “halfway house” for policy: the role of the think tanks in Australian democracy

By: David Brockwell z5162724 Think tanks have been described as “withering”, “corrupted” and “mysterious” organisations in a “shadowy world” of faceless political influence. But those who work at some of Australia’s most influential think tanks think otherwise.   During a global summit of think tanks in 2015, one participant called them “self-appointed know-it-alls without a […]

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Women’s league; but only by name

Women’s league; but only by name By Madi Howarth The AFLW has no women coaches. In a competition that’s made for women, where are they all? Imagine a maze, you’re at the beginning and the lights are turned off – now find your way. This is how Dr Julia Walsh, from Deakin University, likens the […]

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By Maggie Hill Almost 40% of Australian jobs are likely to be automated by the year 2025, according to a report by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA). And contrary to popular belief; factory workers aren’t the only ones who will be suffering the consequences. So, what does this mean for the everyday […]

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Technology is Overtaking Human Jobs – and You’re Next

by Cassandra Nguyen Almost 40% of current jobs in Australia are at risk of being wiped out by a wave of redundancy in the next 10 to 15 years because of technological advancements, according to a report by The Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA). This means 5 million jobs will be replaced by […]