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The upper hand in the Upper House

Since 1988, no government has had a majority in the Upper House, meaning that the balance of power rests on minor party and independent members. In the wake of the recent state election, Jelena Zaric investigates the role and purpose in dynamic these representatives play. March’s state election saw the appointment of six minor party […]

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Cultures under threat: why language schools are struggling to survive

Halls once bursting with children are now empty as parents send their children elsewhere for their weekend learning. Language schools have stood their ground for decades in Australia but must now close due to a shortage of students, creating a barrier than extends beyond the confines of tradition and family life. “How do you say […]

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When life chooses a different path

By Zoe Cox In the moment that dual Olympian runner Eloise Wellings felt her whole world crash down around her, a chance encounter with poverty-stricken Ugandan runner, Julius Achon, taught Eloise that her athletic ability does not define her. A breathless and exhausted Eloise Wellings strides back and forth on a cross-trainer inside the injury […]

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Becoming Monolingual, A Threat to Community Language Schools

Being bilingual is common in Australia, it’s an advantage. But slowly, people seem to be losing that skill. “I know that I definitely did not like going to Chinese school and I was always trying to make up excuses not to go…I remember cheating on dictation every week Everyone in Australia normally speaks English anyway… […]

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Women are fuelling their murder obsessions with true crime podcasts

True crime podcasts are surging the world with females’ growing thrive on real crime tales. By Sze Ching, LAM We are in the midst of a ‘true crime storm’ that creates on the ground of those miserable criminal cases. The popularity of true crime podcasts like Serial, The Teacher’s Pet and In the Dark, may […]