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Caught on camera: Changing the conversation about Multiple Personality Disorders

by Anja Flamer-Caldera Young people with Dissociative Identity Disorder and other multiplicity conditions are taking to YouTube to show the world what their lives are really like. Aside from their portrayals in stylised Hollywood horror films, Dissociative Identity Disorder, or DID, and the medley of mental health conditions involving multiple personalities remain practically untouched by […]

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Have Facebook account, will travel – the social media trend supporting solo female travel

The support networks available through social media have seen the number of solo female travellers soar in the past five years. Globe-trotting has taken off among women in the era of social media. Having someone to go travelling with is no longer seen as a necessity when constant contact with family and friends via social […]

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Kate Wilson: More Than Just A Little Person

Paralympian UNSW Student on hating automatic doors, dwarfism discrimination, the Rio Olympics, and just being you. Watch the video package here: Watch the additional video component here:

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Dissociative Identity Disorder Online– Heroes in Disguise

One body, thirty personalities, sat in front of a camera, with a lot to show. Through the internet, individuals are dismantling misconceptions of Dissociative Identity Disorder whilst educating the community about it. Eyelids drooping, voice softening, body rocking back and forth… If you did not know better, you would have thought this girl is falling […]

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Do They Know What We Know: Taking a Peek on IB’s Volunteer Program

By Maria Ekarista Good intentions, money and the desire to help are the essential elements for voluntourism, yet does it creates more harm than good? Voluntourism, a term smashed together from volunteer and tourism, is a form of service where individuals contribute their time to participate in voluntary work overseas. For most schools in Australia, […]

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Vrooming towards the ‘pole position’: Redback racing

by Sameera Pillai A group of students have turned their hand to manufacturing and driving race cars, now they talk to us about the thrills and spills of emulating F1-style motorsports.  An assortment of university students, wearing black and red t-shirts, stand huddled together in front of a track, cheering for a team member who speeds past […]

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Rare diseases – they do exist, you know.

Rare Disease Day was on 28th February 2019. It commemorates those living with rare illnesses and disorders. Simran Borges spoke to four patients who described their challenges and experiences. “I was told it was all in my head… everyone said, ‘you’re crazy,” Kathleen Macdonald, a patient suffering from the rare disease, Fabry, said.   Rare […]

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“Have you got x-ray vision into my kidneys?”: The untold stories of invisible illnesses

By Jessica Belzycki Global Rare Disease Day is an annual awareness event, so why don’t we hear more about it? Rare disease patients want Australians to know that even though they “suffer in silence”, they are here and they are hurting.   “It’s like an electric shock hitting your body that pulls out all your […]

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Robots are Telling our Kids what to Think

Virtual influencers have taken over fashion online, now they’re getting political. By Alex Molchanoff Lil Miquela, Noonoouri and Shudu may seem like names of rappers or artists but they are part of the new, virtual wave of influencers advertising to social media audiences. Invitations to events for Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and Vogue used to […]

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Racing towards the Chequered Flag

By Sasika Jayasuriya The story of how university students feel the exhilaration that comes from established racing standards such as Formula One by building and racing their own cars in inter-varsity competitions. [Stand First] With a broken rear control arm, in Winton a remote area in Victoria, Redback Racing was forced to take initiative, fix […]

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Psychedelic Therapy: The New Answer for Mental Health

More than half a century after the prohibition of LSD and magic mushrooms, scientists around the world are hailing Psychedelic drugs as a new treatment for mental health issues. An increasing number of Australians are seeking out alternative forms of therapy to treat mental health, as the shortcomings of traditional anti-depressant medicines are leaving many […]

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The Secret World of University Debating: An Elitist Sport Questioned Over its Diversity and Inclusivity

For many debating is an obscure and unknown world filled with private school graduates. Hefty costs for training, travelling nation-wide for competitions and countless hours spent practicing one’s expertise, all for the sake of a heated argument.  ‘Should we legalise murder’ or ‘should we legalise the use of drones to kill rhino poaches’ are just […]

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Fake News: Are CGI Influencers The Modern Day Activists?

Gone are the days of Bono, John Lennon and Belafonte instead replaced by the popular influencers Shudu, Bermuda and Blawko. Their accounts may be donned with the blue verified Instagram badge, but this squad of virtual models do not meet the real-life criteria of “authentic”. Led by the prominent ring leader Lil Miquela (Miquela Sousa), […]