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Inside the issue of low ​percentage of female academic professors in Australia and China.

(intended for Newsworthy) While the percentage of female academic professors appears to have increased in Australia and China, the number is still lower than 50%, and that raises some serious concerns about gender equality in universities. By Xuewei Zheng While Australia ranks 35thout of 200 countries on the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) gender gap analysis, […]

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Coal restriction begs the question has Australia and Chinas relationship been burnt out or left simmering?

Whilst the initial reaction to China’s restriction on Australian coal appears now to have been over the top, the point that it raises some serious concerns about the relationship between the two countries is very fair to ask.  From the 20th of February onward, publications ranging from the ABC and the Sydney Morning Herald have reported […]

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“I JUST FELT DIRTY”: What forces sexual assault victims at universities to stay silent

By Chantelle Rodrigues and Adelle Glance-Wilson She sat in the lecture room surrounded by familiar faces but there was one that was all too familiar. She could sense his presence without even turning around. Closing her eyes, it all came back to her in an instant. Her ripped dress. Her bloodied face. His chilling laughter […]

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Project 1: Venus Lacoste; Surviving the World of Art

“My dad once told my auntie, ‘Felix (my brother) will be a good artist, but Venus will be a great one.’” 19-year-old Venus Lacoste hasn’t let the ball drop once since her breakout success at the 2018 ARTEXPRESS exhibition, having produced a prolific body of work between then and her recent first place win in […]

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Cube of Truth: The changing shape of animal activism

The Aussie Farms scandal has re-ignited the decades long debate between farmers and animal activists, but has anything changed? According to animal activists, aggressive confrontation is a tactic of the past. Today, it’s all about peaceful actions. Sombre music echoes through the commercial centre of Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall on a drizzly Saturday afternoon. Images […]